Cloud Providers

Scriptuit prides itself in calling ourselves an AWS expert. Our engineers are highly trained and experienced in the AWS and will tackle any problem given on AWS.

Even though Azure being new in the space compared to AWS, we have extensive experience in Azure cloud. Much of the new development happens on Azure and its services.

New kid on the block, they are expanding aggressively in this space and we are one of the earlier adopters of the Google Cloud Platform. Our team is one of the experts on GCP.

If you are going server-less, then Cloud Foundry is the best option to go with. It also supports Kubernetes clusters as well. Can be installed on-prem as well. Supported by Pivotal, Microsoft and Google to name a few.

It is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Our team prides ourselves in these cluster deployments.

A cost effective solution to deploy apps with more or less most of the cloud features. It also supports Kubernetes now.


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